Health insurance does not pay for all medical procedures. Eyelid surgery, particularly blepharoplasty and ptosis repair, may be considered cosmetic and require pre-approval (predetermination) if you and Dr. Klapper feel that your eyelid problem is causing a substantial functional deficit. Dr. Klapper will discuss with you whether your photographs and/or visual fields may, in his opinion, meet the specific criteria outlined by commercial insurance carriers. The predetermination process takes 3-6 weeks to complete depending on the insurance carrier. Lower eyelid blepharoplasty surgery is rarely covered by Medicare and is considered cosmetic in almost all cases. Brow surgery is also frequently considered a non-covered service. A referral from your primary care physician or eye doctor does not insure that insurance will cover your eyelid surgery.

Even when eyelid surgery is covered by insurance, patients remain responsible for office copays, surgery coinsurance, and patient deductibles. Patients should contact their insurance carrier or agent if they are unsure of their insurance benefits. Klapper Eyelid & Facial Plastic Surgery Financial Policy